For the entrepreneur in all of us, Kibbles has years of experience building custom websites.  

Tailored Process

Our process is tailored to the specific needs of your project.  

Agile Process Option

Agile is useful when it is difficult to write down what the site will be, since the process of building and revising the site can help the parters to evolve their concept.

Our typical Agile process includes:

  • Writing (additional) stories that describe what you want your users to do.
  • Estimate technical and business points for each story to indicate relative difficulty.
  • During a 1-3 week period, build as many of the most important stories as we can.
  • Deliver the website for review.
  • Repeat until finished.

Benefits of Agile

The benefits of Agile include:

  • rapid prototyping, 
  • ability to change your mind during development,
  • a development of a partnership between the stakeholders and Kibbles development team, and 
  • delivery early and often.  

What happens is that near the end of the process, the list of stories contains mostly stories of lower importance.  The entrepreneur will typically stop development and leave some of these stories unfinished.  This is how Agile can save time and money.  Once the important stories are built, the remaining ones may seem unimportant.  

Challenges with Agile

The challenge with Agile is that there is no guaranteed estimate of the timeframe, however the rate of delivery will become clear as we begin to build.  Also, the development team must be local developers, who are more expensive than an outsourced team.

Software Blueprint Process Option

Many businesses need to create a budget for a project and want to specify exactly what they will build prior to approving the project.

When a project is to be outsourced or must be designed on paper fully and then estimated, kind of like how you would build a house, then a Software Blueprint is the process for you.

Our typical Software Blueprint process includes:

  • Write the stories of what the users want to do.
  • Design the site architecture, including a page flow diagram.
  • Create the graphics design.
  • Design individual pages, including all forms, links, menus, etc.
  • Design how all algorithms will work
  • Create a security plan
  • Create a server plan
  • Design the database schema
  • Project Management plan - gantt chart, resource estimate

Once we have the Software Blueprint, we estimate the time and cost of the project, utilizing Software Estimation best practices.  We provide a range of figures.

You then have a choice of paying by the hour, or we can provide a fixed price figure.

The process seems complex, however we'll make sure you understand how it works.  Contact us for a free initial consultation.


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