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Kib*Sites: A Revolutionary Website Ownership Model

Kib*Sites are a new concept in website ownership modelling.  We focus on getting you what you need in the beginning, and giving you the ability to grow your Kib*Site over time with your business.

Do It Yourself, Assisted, or Professional Services

We always handle the technical stuff for you.  After that, you can do what you want.  

  • DIY: Many clients would prefer to save maximum money and learn the DIY ways to manage their Kib*Sites.
  • Assisted: Some clients may want to get Assisted Services to help them in spots where they are busy or challenged.
  • Professional: And some clients can DIY and could get by with Assisted Services, but would prefer a full-service Professional Services model, a bigger investment in faster results.

Whatever you want.  Time? Money? Results.


The word Kaizen refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement.  Owning a Kib*Site means you are set up to get started quickly and affordably, and continuously improve it over time.  With:

  • Add ons
  • Assisted or Professional Services
  • 3rd party offerings
  • Custom development

Any direction your business will take is available through Kaizen - continuous improvement - of your Kib*Site.  So start with what you are capable of handling with your available time and resources, and grow your Kib*Site, grow you business.

Getting Started

Getting started with a professional business-grade website has never been easier:

  1. You buy a Kib*Site starter package from our store.
  2. We make a customized theme and get your domain name
  3. Kibbles installs your Kib*Site within 10 business days - guaranteed.
  4. You write the text for your website
  5. Begin using your Kib*Site

Control Your Content

We manage all the technical aspects of your site.  You manage your content.  It puts control where it makes the most sense at incredible cost savings.

Quick and Affordable

Packages, AddOns, and Services are selected through a catalog in our Web Store, and are designed to be quick turnaround and affordable installations.

Continuously Improve

Want to add something to your Kib*Site?  Embellish the design?  Get help writing?  Market with social media?  Get business coaching?

Our Web Store is growing rapidly with add-ons, services, and 3rd party offerings that help your business utilize the web.

Customize Anything

Once you have utilized the affordable packages and add-ons, your business may need something special.  Something unique.

You can also customize the way anything looks, or get custom functionality built.  Make a request for a conversation about your idea.

Shelley Bailey of Berry Boutique

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